Our chain jewelry pieces are classic in the best way— you can wear them anywhere, with any outfit, yet they never seem dated or go out of style. We love creating chain necklaces that layer well and work with every stone and charm imaginable. Though silver is our go to metal, we love gold too!!

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Chain Necklace - Clearing out for the new
  • $34.00
Chain Necklace - Grounded in Joy
  • $34.00
Citrine Necklace- Citrine and Pyrite
  • From $35.00
Citrine Necklace- Citrine+Aventurine
  • $35.00
Glass Lotus Pendant Necklace
  • $32.00
Gore-Tex and Chain - Lucky Clover
  • $34.00
Letter necklace - gold or silver
  • From $28.00
Simple Pearl on a Shimmering Silver Chain
  • From $38.00
Turquoise Pendant Necklace
  • $35.00