• Durable but delicate

  • Here to hold you up

  • embellished belt buckle, flower, leather belt

    Simple and Elegant

  • bracelet

    Rustic and fashionable

  • Sturdy and colorful


  • “I love my angel bracelet! It’s both delicate and strong at the same time, and I get so many compliments whenever I wear it. Molly’s work has such intention and heart built right into the design. I watched her video about the inspiration behind the bracelet and the process of wrapping it, and I started doing it as a daily ritual when I put it on. It’s helped me feel more connected and supported by my loved ones who have passed.”


  • I met Molly a few years back as I asked her to make a custom belt buckle for me. Everytime I wear the belt I receive huge compliments and I have to say it's absolutely one of my favorites! I've had the good fortune to be able to host a show at my house, Molly has brought not only her belts as well as her fabulous jewelry pieces. My friends also fell in love with her designs. I have visited with Molly at her studio in Concord and we were able to custom-design several pieces for my collection. The designs are fun, innovative and most of all, unique to me. Molly is an amazing and talented artist willing to entertain your custom design requests!


  • Graduating high school, I was looking for special gifts for my five close friends. When I talked to Molly about the possibility of getting each of them necklaces, she was ecstatic about the idea and incredibly helpful. She helped me pick out individual charms with personal meaning for each friend and had them put on Molly's durable gore-tex necklaces. In order to help my friends and me feel more together, Molly helped me  choose a rose stone to add to the clasp, a symbol of eternal love. While we all have a different charm, we will always be connected by eternal love.