Jewelry Care:

Each bracelet is handmade by us here at Beadorable. We use natural gemstone beads. The gemstones will have their own marks and look so no bead is exactly the same; which is what makes them so special. We use a variety of hypoallergenic metals, gold filled, sterling silver and plated beads.

Please note, tarnishing of these metals will accelerate when coming into contact with water, lotion, perfume, and other chemical products, or if you have high PH in your skin.

To keep your jewelry looking beautiful, please remove your jewelry before contacting water or any chemical products. If you feel like your bracelets need a little brightening up, we recommend simply wiping down your pieces with soapy warm water and/or a jewelry cleaning cloth.

Repair: We offer a 60 day warranty on all jewelry. If your jewelry breaks within this time period we will fix it for free. If it breaks outside of the 60 days we will be happy to fix it for a fee of $10 which includes the restringing fee and shipping it back to you. You will have to cover the cost to send the jewelry to us.

If your repair requires stones or findings we no longer carry, we will be sure to make it as close to the original design as possible.All repairs must be authorized before being sent to us and MUST include our repair form. Click here to start the process.

Feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions or need to share some concerns.

Unboxing your jewelry:
First things first: When you receive your bracelet or necklace, use scissors to carefully snip it off of the card that it's attached to. Never tear your jewelry off of the card.
The beads: You can polish your jewelry with a soft, dry cloth. If necessary, you can lightly dampen and polish with a cloth or soft toothbrush, but take care that no water gets stuck between the beads for too long.

The elastic band:We use the highest quality jewelry elastic, but your bracelet still may not stand up to tearing it roughly off the card or excessive stretching. Lotions, chemicals, and cleaning products can also degrade the elastic over time and make it more likely to break.

Can my jewelry get wet?
Mermaids, take note: Your beaded jewelry should do just fine if you get caught in the rain, but please take it off before showering, swimming, or doing the dishes.