Our bracelets are like a little hug for your wrist! Find one beaded, in leather, chain; and they come in stretch, wrap or clasp; we have such a variety!! Use it as a reminder that you are amazing and you are never alone. Shop all our favorite bracelets here— we’re sure you’ll find one (if not more) to wear and/or layer every day.

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Angel Bracelet - brown and green
  • $48.00
Angel Bracelet - midnight blue
  • $48.00
Angel Bracelet - purple
  • $48.00
Angel Bracelet - dark turquoise
  • $48.00
Courage and balance - Bracelet Stack
  • $75.00
Emotional balance and healing - Bracelet Stack
  • $50.00
Courage and Kindness - Bracelet Stack
  • $70.00