Lately I've Been Moved by Color

Lately I've Been Moved by Color


Well it's spring, a time when the landscape starts to pop with lovely colors of new growth; brave seeds shoot up through the ground and share their flowering self with us, the blue sky hangs around a little longer each day; it's refreshing and up lifting. 

However here in NH the colors have been a bit dim, so all the more reason for me to daydream about color. 


Color can be so moving.  Picture sitting in a deep red dining room, delicious right? 

Or looking at the purple, pinks and orange sunset sky, breathtaking! 

The rosy cheeks on a innocent happy baby, connecting! 

The warmth of the orange flame burning in the wood stove, balancing. 

Color is everywhere, and it's moving.  


In the book, Your Life in Color, by Dougall Fraser he discusses a number of different colors and how they elicit certain powers, emotions and feelings.  He shares many ways to use color, one of which is to physically wear them.  So jewelry is perfect for this! 


When it was time to create a new line of jewelry this year, we decided to focus on color and the energy that color exudes.  We created the enamel line and the stackable bracelet line. So you can wear color and be reminded of its meaning.


Take the color blue, it's all about standing in your truth and speaking in a meaningful and authentic way.  Saying yes to what you want and no to what you don't want.  Awesome right?!? 


Within the enamel color line you can find several shades of blue.  We have paired the stackable bracelets with a few blue hues that match and look great together. 


The jewelry will all be showcased on the website, but you can come to the studio to see them in person or book a virtual show or personal shopping experience and we can share them with you over Zoom. 


In the mean time, let me know if you have found yourself moved by any particular color.  Or maybe you are working through things and I can help you find a color that can help you along.  Love to hear from you!!


Sending you love and colorful vibes.