While pregnant with Frankie, and Sophie just a toddler, Molly was inspired by the significance and sentimental value of the then popular mother’s bracelets. She began to create bracelets for her friends and family, and soon her unique designs caught the attention of others and Beadorable was born. 


Molly’s mother’s bracelets were just the beginning of her journey in creating handmade jewelry that celebrates love, family and connection. 20 years later her passion for creating meaningful jewelry remains consistent as she continues to look for new ways to inspire and connect people through her designs.


Here at Beadorable we believe everyone is unique and special, like a precious gem. We aim to give hope and encouragement, along with providing a feeling of connection and community to all who visit us. Beauty and elegance are important aspects of our lives and we strive to bring these qualities to everything we do whether it's in the products we create or the interaction we have with our customers.At our core we are dedicated to spreading love, positivity and joy in everything we do.


In addition to her love of jewelry, Molly is passionate about the outdoors. This love is reflected in Beadorable’s many collections which feature natural stones and reflect the simple elegance of nature.


Collaborating with other artists has been a real joy here at Beadorable. Visit the Concord Studio and see a collection of art from local artists, or shop from the jewelry line created with Megan M Burns. The collection features handcrafted necklaces, earrings and rings that are inspired by Megan’s paintings with each piece being a one-of-a-kind work of wearable art.

Thank you for visiting Beadorable.
We hope you find a piece that speaks to your heart.