The Color Club

The Color Club

The Color Club subscription box represents all my favorite things about Beadorable. It’s a combination of our own specially-designed handmade jewelry, gorgeous gemstones, and artisan gifts from our wonderful collaborators, and — the best part, in my opinion — all these treasures have a special meaning connected to the color and theme of the month! 


I didn’t just create the Color Club because I love designing jewelry and picking out gifts (although those are some good reasons). What I really was excited to do was introduce you to a new way of looking at color. I believe that color has a lot of power over how we interact with the world. At least for me, every color I see has a special emotional meaning that can influence my mood, my energy levels, and my outlook on the day. 


With each Color Club box, I choose a color and theme based on the month and how it could be used as a helpful guide. In August, I felt like we all needed a boost of sunshine and positive energy for the end of the summer, so I chose yellow. I wanted each one of the Color Club members to feel a burst of radiance and light when they opened their box, and I hoped that they would use all the yellow gifts inside to remind themselves each day of that month to stay positive and focus on the sunshine. 


As the months go on, I’ve had so much fun picking out the gifts and jewelry that will go with each month’s theme, and thinking about all the ways you will use them to bring joy, comfort, and connection into your lives and those of your loved ones. 




One of my favorite stories I’ve heard from a subscriber is this: a friend of hers was feeling down and needed a pick-me-up and a way to ground herself. So, she went to her yellow box, picked out the citrine stones, and told her friend to rub them between her fingers to help her remember all the positive things in life. 


Isn’t that the sweetest thing? 


Our September box Blue and the theme,  calm and honesty. In the midst of all the tumultuous changes that come with the beginning of fall, I wanted to create a necklace with a shade of blue that would remind me (and all of you!) to stand peacefully and firmly in your truth in order to guide you through all the challenges of life. 


We’ve chosen colors through the first part of 2021, we love that part so much.  If you have any questions or want to learn more, please reach out to us, we love to share and answer any questions. And, if you have any stories about how you’ve used the items in your Color Club boxes, I would love to hear them— email me your thoughts at 


Thank you and have a colorful day!!