Sending Love

Sending Love

Today I woke up with a heavy heart. 

To be honest I have been carrying around my heavy heart for some time, but I woke up today and really felt it hard. I know I am not alone in feeling this way.


Our world is feeling very tumultuous. The hurricanes, the fires, the shootings, the rhetoric, the threat of war, the list goes on.


Then we have our own personal challenges like tending to family, lovingly raising kids, being there for spouses or friends, dealing with our health, and then finding a way to receive love and gifts from others.  It's not always so easy!


So what did I do today to help my heavy heart?  

First I noticed it.

I felt it.

I accepted it.

Then I took a walk in the woods with my dogs.  


Nature is the best medicine. In the woods your breathing can slow down, your heart can beat comfortably, you can feel more grounded and connected; and in nature you can ask deeper questions and take time ponder. 

Pondering is a good thing.

When I finished my walk I didn't have any real solutions, answers, or big results; but my heart is less heavy.


A heavy heart doesn't go away with a snap of a finger, but I know it to be true that honoring my deep feelings, makes me better off in the long run.


Another step today to help my heavy heart I read a meditation from my wonderful Great Uncle Ned.  He was a man so full of divine love. Several years ago on Valentines Day he sent me a card with a prayer he liked to read as a meditation.  Just recently I discovered it again; I have been reading it daily.  


Here is a snip of it:

"The heart symbolizes the center of divine love.  Through the love in our hearts we are moved to forgive, to serve others without reservation, to work unselfishly for the good of humankind.

Divine love heals and blesses. Nothing can rob me of the joy of giving and receiving love. Nothing can block its flow A heart full of love knows no fear."


It’s so powerful to read aloud and to feel it.  


Lastly I thought about what I wanted to wear.  This might sound a bit funny, but I wanted to wear something that would help my heavy heart and serve as a reminder to love. So, I chose to wear a favorite T-shirt of mine that has a big heart on it.  I put on my necklace with my three heart charm, and I wrapped my Angel bracelet around my wrist and asked for comfort and strength.


So when I see a reflection of myself today I am noticing hearts and thinking about love.  


We are all divine love.  It is for me, for you, for all of us to be that love so we can help change the hate and violence we are seeing and hearing about all too often.


Sending big hugs and lots of love.