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What's Unique About Beadorable's
Gift Box? 

Here at Beadorable we LOVE color; the meaning behind it, the feel it gives and the power it has.

Each month we create the gift box with a special color in mind.
Each gift in the box will connect to the color and its meaning.

You'll want to keep the gifts for yourself, but they will make wonderful gifts for friends and family if you choose.

What's Included In
These Subscription Boxes

Though the contents, color and theme of the box are a total surprise, you can expect these things...

  • An everyday wear piece of Beadorable jewelry.
  • A gemstone that matches the color, with a description of it's meaning and use.
  • A Beadorable leather bangle bracelet that will be exclusive just to this subscription box. You will create a collection throughout the subscription.
  • An artisan treat. We will be collaborating with other small artisan companies to offer a special opportunity for you and for them.
  • A surprise gift. Something fun, useful and a bit unique.

Hi, I'm Molly Brandt...

I'm the founder of Beadorable and the creator of this special gift box. 
I love creating meaningful pieces of jewelry and finding fun, useful and unique gift items. 
The best part is sharing them with you. These boxes will make you feel special and keep you connected.
I promise you'll love them!!

Have Questions?

Please reach out to me, Molly, and I'm here to answer any questions you have.
Call: 603-856-1065 or email: