Join the Color Club!!

This box will be your monthly pick-me-up! Treat yourself to an extra-special box of gifts and jewelry. 


Are the COVID blues getting you down? 

Is it feeling like the same-old same-old day after day? Are you finding it difficult to treat yourself to fun new things? Are you running out of things to talk about on Zoom calls with friends and family? 
Beadorable is here to make it better! 
The Color Club subscription box will be a monthly spark of joy, color, and inspiration in a time when everything feels grey and dull. 

It's such a pick-me-up!! When it arrives, I take it to a place all by myself and carefully look at all the treasures - it's so fun! - C Marshall, box subscribe

Lift your spirits with color! 

Our boxes will have you seeing color in a way you never have before! Each month's color theme has its own unique meaning— blue for honesty, yellow for positivity, and so many more! 
Between the beautiful card you might hang on your refrigerator, the stones you might keep in your pocket, or the bracelet you wear around your wrist, you'll be reminded of that color's powers each time you see it. They'll inspire you to feel grounded and ready to take on life's challenges. 

You'll want to keep the gifts for yourself, but they will make wonderful gifts for friends and family if you choose.


"I love the postcard with the beautiful painting, the color explanation, the crystals— the box is simply addicting!" - Cary, box subscriber 

Here's what's inside...

In every box, expect: 

  • An exclusive piece of Beadorable jewelry that you'll never want to take off. 
  • Pocket-size gemstones to keep with you as a reminder to stay grounded and calm. 
  • A leather bangle bracelet in that month's color to add to your collection. 
  • A gift from a collaborating artisan that will help support our local network of craftspeople! 
  • A surprise gift, or gifts, for you! Something fun, useful and a bit unique.


"The necklace is a piece I never knew I always wanted, and I can't wait to wear it!" - Katie, box subscriber

It's like your birthday every month...

For less than the price of dinner out! 
Treat yourself to $70 worth of gifts for just $45.  
And even if you don't keep everything inside for yourself (although you'll want to), each item makes for a perfect gift for a loved one! 
Boxes ship first week in October.


"I had intended to share, but just might keep all these treats for myself. They absolutely delight all the senses!" - Kathleen, box subscriber

So great to meet you! 

I'm Molly Brandt,  the founder of Beadorable and the creator of the color box. 
I love creating meaningful pieces of jewelry and discovering unique gifts. 
Making you feel special and loved is what brings so much joy to us here at Beadorable. We put love and care into every piece, and we hope you'll enjoy this experience as much as we do. 

Order your October Box by September 21st!
Boxes Ship First week in October

We have a limited supply, so sign up soon to get your October Box!

Have Questions?

Please reach out to me, Molly, and I'm here to answer any questions you have.
Call: 603-856-1065 or email: